Advanced Laser Aesthetics

Setting the Highest Standards of Care in Medical Spas

A synergy of one of America's leading medical spas with state of the art laser technology and ultra-sound energy for skin lifting.
Certified experts board-certified CME ANK Laser Specialist.

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Helga Girschik's Pledge To Her Patients:

"My commitment to improving patient outcomes through science based research and information sharing will always guide me to set the highest standards of care in medical spas. I will never see in my patient anything but a fellow person in physical or emotional pain and need." "I recognize that knowledge is immense and I pledge to continuously learn and evaluate all new discoveries and technologies for the benefit of my patients, I am prepared, certified and experienced for my vocation as medical spa director."

Advanced Laser Aesthetics

Advanced Laser Aesthetics (The Original Plastic Surgery Spa) was the very first medical spa in the State of Florida. It is owned by Helga Girschik, BS, CME, a trained chemist and former CEO of Girex, an international chemical importing and exporting business. She is one of the few health care providers that is certified by the State of Florida in Laser Physics and its clinical applications. This enabled her to ride the "cusp of the wave" of new innovations in non-invasive to minimally invasive plastic surgery and to formulate treatment protocols based on science.

Helga has co-authored one book entitled, " The Coming Obsolescence of Traditional Face Lift, Use of Lasers and Other Energy Devices for Skin Tightening and Rejuvenation"(2004) and is co-author of a soon to be published book entitled "A comprehensive Guide to Non-Invasive and Minimally Invasive Plastic Surgery-What Works and What Does Not" (2013). She has been featured on TV (D'Latinos and on NBC, Channel 2 featuring her as the first person to introduce Ultherapy to Florida and in numerous informational articles. Helga has a strong foundation in traditional spa treatments such as facials and peels for all conditions in all skin types and is fluent in English, Spanish, and German.
Hablamos español. Wir sprechen deutsch.

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