We carry several high quality skin care products and we can assist you in picking the right one for you.
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Neo Plus® Skin Care

Neo Plus® Skin Care is a professional grade anti-aging product line that is available through Advanced Laser Aesthetics. These products are specifically designed to naturally nourish and revitalize, rebuild and heal the skin barrier, correct skin trauma, retard aging, reduce/prevent wrinkles and improve skin texture and appearance.
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Tizo Sun Protection

1) “Erasing scars” with intense pulsed light

2) Lip Lift (Creation of philtral ridges, cupid’s bow, and an upper lip which is not only shorter, but projects outwards as seen in young people)

3) Sculptra™ to treat advanced facial lipodystrophy.

4) Restylane® to eliminate naso-labial folds and “marionettes” (frown lines)

“When I started my spa, I started to see patients who paid huge sums of money (in some cases over $30,000) for a full facelift, but were unhappy with the results. The reason was because the surgeon did not pay attention to the mouth. With a simple lip lift, we created a youthful upper lip and fuller lips (the “Heather Locklear” look).” ~Helga